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BioD Fabric Softener 5l

BioD Fabric Softener 5l

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 Bio-D is an independent, ethically motivated company that is dedicated to promoting the use of environmentally responsible detergents. It manufactures environmentally responsible cleaning and laundry products that are UK made, effective, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Fabric Conditioner is a natural and gentle conditioner for use in automatics, twin tubs and for conditioning delicate fabrics by hand, to leave laundry feeling soft and static free.    Automatics: Follow manufacturer’s recommended programme, adding 50ml of Conditioner to the machine dispenser. Twin Tubs: Add 50ml of Conditioner to a 1L jug of water, pour over the wash and spin. Hand Rinse: Add 50ml of Conditioner to a 1L jug of water and pour over the wash. Allow to soak before rinsing thoroughly in clean water.

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