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I'm Kati. Hi! I'm in my thirties, married to Dave, mum to two rambunctious youngsters. I am from Tenterden and moved to Ashford in 2015 after three years in Birmingham, five in Sheffield, and four in London. 

I launched Bare Bazaar in direct response to the media coverage of plastic pollution. I became frustrated that I was not able to shop in the way I wanted, avoiding unnecessary plastic, and soon discovered I wasn't the only one.  After lots of market research and number crunching, I was able to devise a stock list, with prices that were competitive with supermarkets, and off we went to market ourselves.

From there, my buddy Melissa at Made in Ashford made some space for me upstairs where I traded for about 18 months (over which time, the second rambunction youngester came along), and then I moved to Coachworks, just before the Covid19 pandemic hit. During the second lockdown, I secured our Park Mall location, where I opened on a full time basis, 5 days a week on 12 April 2021.

In summer 2023, when asked to sign a new lease at Park Mall, we had to face a difficult decision. We decided to close our physical doors and the refill part of the business. The changing nature of retail has led to many challenges we were unable to ride out in the current climate. We will now be operating online, selling eco friendly non food items nationwide, and providing local customers with bulk shopping where required. 

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