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Whole Almonds 1kg

Whole Almonds 1kg

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Almonds are loaded with protein and fibre and packed with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. They have a creamy texture, are highly versatile and taste great raw, roasted, soaked, ground, blended or baked into your favourite foods.
Almonds are not only extremely healthy but they are also packed with nourishing properties and a healthy snack on the go.

Whole almonds have a dark skin that can easily be removed if desired by soaking overnight and gently rubbing the skins off. The interior of the nut reveals a smooth and creamy texture that is packed full of protein.

Benefits of whole almonds:

High in fibre
High in protein
Healthy fats
Packed full of nutrients

Ways to use whole almonds:

Toast, bake, soak, roasted or simply enjoy almonds straight of the bag
Snack on almonds with other nuts, seeds, chocolate and dried fruit to make the perfect trail mix
Use them to make cakes, desserts and other sweet and savoury recipes.
Add almonds to breakfast cereals, porridge, overnight oats, salads and more
Make your own almond butter by blending and adding a touch of salt to bring out the natural flavours
Try making your own almond milk and enjoy in tea, cereals, porridge oats and hot drinks

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